Insulated service doors are available in both "Roll-up" type that stowes in a barrel when opened. You can also buy insulated doors in the "Sectional" type that lays flat overhead in tracks when opened.

Insulated Service Doors combine energy efficiency with structural strength and durability keeping thermal loss to a minimum. Insulated Roll Up Doors are ideal in environments where you want to reduce temperature and sound transfer as well as secure an environment from intrusion.

As shown the pictures, a block of insulation covers the complete length and width inside each door slat. Doors are sealed on all edges to maximize the R rating efficiency and noise reduction.

Insulated Service Door features include:
  • Foam-filled slats or sections
  • Curtains available in a variety of materials
  • Guide weather stripping
  • Hood baffle to prevent air movement
  • Manual or motorized operation
  • Insulation values from R-3 to R-14
  • Variety of colors

Our 5200 sectional door to the left is the premier commercial offering that provide impressive insulation value with a great look and appeal. An R-value of up to 14.8 helps to maximize energy conservation, while the simulated woodgrain finish of the steel helps maximize the appearance of the building. These doors are available in either a raised or flush panel configuration in colors of white, brown, almond, or taupe. Windows are also available in this sectional type door for visibility. Hot-dipped galvanized steel and rugged construction will give years of solid performance for the most demanding conditions.

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