In this video we show the installation of a roll-up door at a steel plant. A Cornell/Cookson door model ESD10 was custom made for this unique application. It’s a 34 by 18 foot door, weighing in at over 6000 pounds. This application is a little unusual, as the roll-up door is mounted on the outside to accommodate the ergonomics of this older building. Because of the outside mounting requirement, custom structural engineering was needed for a frame to support the door. It included waterproofing to handle the elements from outside, and it’s air tight to comply with environmental regulations.

After a custom frame was engineered, the door was manufactured to precisely fit. With orchestra-like timing and execution, the door was then installed in one day. This minimized the downtime for a big steel company, which is our goal at all jobs.

This door keeps pollutants from the steel melting process inside the building so they can be filtered from the air. The door is powered with a 480 volt 1 horse power motor. It’s opened monthly for plant and melting pot cleaning, which optimizes the environmentally friendly control process over the long term.

Jobs like this require tremendous attention to design, detail and scheduling so the job is done in sequence and on time. Having the experience to install doors this size is essential for the door to last many years. Although this may look difficult, at Commercial Door Company this is an everyday routine task that we’ve done hundreds of times. You can depend on Commercial Door Company to install your commercial doors correctly and efficiently, no matter what size or type of door is needed.