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  • Doors featuring Herculite® glass

    If you’re looking for an All Glass Door or Frameless Glass Door, Herculite® is the quality choice. Herculite® is a brand name but many other manufacturers supply comparable doors. These attractive doors are pure glass, handles and hinges. The glass is very thick and heavy, providing an expensive look and feel to add a touch of class to the building decor. These doors are prevalent in malls, offices, fitness centers and church buildings because of their aesthetically pleasing look of elegance. Doors featuring Herculite® glass are one of the nicest entry doors you can install in a business to portray the image of success. They come with a variety of opening and closing hardware choices to customize the appearance of the door specific to your needs.

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  • Glass and Aluminum Doors

    Glass and Aluminum Doors are commonly used for retail and commercial entrances. Available in many styles, colors, and features, CDC can provide standard or custom aluminum glass doors for your entrance specific to your needs.

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  • Glass Bifold Doors

    Glass Bifold Doors can open up a building with large areas to the outdoors quickly and effortlessly. Door panels fold up sideways and store in a minimum amount of space, unlike sliding glass doors.

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